• Kreesi

    Chapter 1 part 2

    January 10, 2014 by Kreesi

    Time to continue my last post. So. Where Aoi and Nene going? What is "something"? Now you gonna know!


    -Where is "this" place Aoi Nee-san? - after 5 minutes Nene ask Aoi again

    -I told you! We are close

    -So tell me what you mean when you say "close"?! You told that last time, 5 minutes ago!

    -This is not that much!

    -Excuse me?! Why you thinking like that?

    -Because.. This is it! We are where we want to be!

    -That's a....

    -The kindergarten.

    -Why we.... No... NO! YOU WANT TO BE A BABYSITTER?!

    -Well.. yes.


    -You know.. Yuka sometimes is a nanny of Futaba, so i though..

    -Who the hell is Futaba?

    -Kanzaki's niece! And why you still screaming "the hell"?!

    -NIECE O…

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  • Kreesi

    Chapter 1

    January 9, 2014 by Kreesi

    Warning! In Poland is only 233 chapter! So i don't know what happens later, and just make my story like is a ... well. some time later. Yeah!

    Some time later, later... later... very later. After the story what is actually in the manga in my country


    Aoi and Nene was walk down the street and talking about a future of the Red Tails.

    -Aoi Nee-san! I can't let you give up again! You are a Third Leader!

    -I don't give up. And YOU are a Fourth Leader!


    -But what? You are not strong enough to take resbosibility?

    -Ringo beat me up! And another Red Tails when they be with me! !

    -In this time, Ringo has a super demon powers. Like Oga, and Hil-.. No. Wait. Hilda IS a Demon.


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  • Kreesi


    January 9, 2014 by Kreesi

    Hi! Hello! Good Morning and Evening and "Good Night" >u

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  • Kuriani

    New Categories

    April 5, 2012 by Kuriani

    Hey guys, I created two other categories to our wiki. They are: "Fan-fiction", under stories, and "Original Stories", under stories. Fan-fiction is for you to write yourown stories using the existing characters in Beelzebub. Original Stories are for stories you write youself using yourown characters and settings. Usually its almost imposible for you to find fan-fiction or original stories of other people unless you search it by its name or unless the user linked to it somewhere. This way, you could find everything organized. I will add a category for schools later. Hope you guys like it. Now go crazy with your imaginations.

    And what do you guys think about our new background?

    I added some new features like chatting and notifications. Hope yo…

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  • Kuriani


    April 1, 2012 by Kuriani

    Hey guys. I just wanted to say hi. Beelzebub is one of my favorite manga and I hope to make a lot of characters and stories in here. But, the only way its gonna be fun and worthit to do all that is if you guys read it and comment on it. I will try to do the same to your articles. It would be fun to have more characters and stories in here. Al right then.....let's have fun.

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