Frank N Stein
Frank ready to fight.
Name Frank N Stein
Frank N Stein
Race Human
Birthday July 6
Age 15
Gender Male
Height 180.34 cm (5'11")
Weight 121
Eyes Red
Hair Black
Affiliation Saint Megumi High School
Occupation High school student, Delinquent
Relatives Edward Stein (Biological father), Tsubaki Stein (Step Mother), Kouta Stein (Half Brother)


Frank has golden cat eyes and black hair. Whenever he gets in a fight he tears off the sleeve on his right arm to show off his demon arm but it looks like any other arm with a red tattoo. Frank has this thing where whenever he's supposed to wear a tie he wears a bowtie.


Frank is always a gentleman towards ladies and is kind to all. That is unless someone provokes him or want to fight.


Frank N. Stein is a freshman at Saint Megumi High School. he is a notorious delinquent that is feared by most. His Ego gets the best of him when he fight a gang in a cemetery. While fighting he coincidental sets off a yet to be activated demon ritual, Sort of. When the leader nicknamed "Gator Blade" cuts of Frank's arm. It lands on the ritual spot which was disused as a tombstone. Franks arm grows back but it is indestructible and has demon Blood inside. The demon blood spread thru his entire body making stronger and faster. Frank uses his super human arm to defeat Gator Blade.


Frank uses his own fighting style which he calls "Jamy-cha". Which is a combination of speed and power and while making 1 limb block all attacks.


Frank has few friends, his friends names' are "Daisuke Taiyo", "Kasturo Yume" and "Aki Aka ".


  • "because im a Demon" (his catchphrase)
  • "This is both of our faults" (another catchphrase)


  • his name comes from "Frankenstein" the man who created Frankenstein's monster
  • Frank still counts as Human