The Principal's OfficeEdit

Principal: And you are?

???: Victoria, Victoria Ekihebi.

Principal: Ok. Enjoy your classes

Victoria Ekihebi: Thank you.

The girl continues to walk along the hall

Boy1: Hey you! Blondie!

Victoria turns around

Boy1: Want to go out?

Victoria speeds up to him and smashes his head into the wall

Victoria: Hell no.

Boy1: UGH!

Victoria walks away, as 6 more boys come up.

Boy2: Hey babe, whoever wins this fight sleeps with you!

Victoria takes out a black wooden sword

Boy3: What are you going to do with that chick?

She runs up to them and with a combo of punches and slashes leaves a bloody mess behind her

Victoria: I've had it up to here with you perverts!

A man wearing a black cloak walks over to her.

???: Very nice fighting skills.

Victoria: Who the hell are you?

???: You'll know soon enough.

Victoria: ???

He jumps off of the ground and lands on the roof of the school

Victoria: The hell?

???: I will talk to you later.

The Way Back HomeEdit