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Kaizoku HighEdit

Kaizoku High School is a high school in Okinawa, Japan. It is one of the more prestigious high schools in Okinawa. The students here are often rich and intelligent. But, about 20% of the students in this school are from a nearby fishing village. Because the other students and teachers hates these kids from the fishing village, they have separate homerooms from the rest of the school. The rich kids usually tease, make fun of, and sometimes even physically hurt the poor kids. Some of these kids gets fed up and started becoming delinquents.


The fact that Kaizoku high is a prestigious school has made people blind to the cruelties that goes on inside the school. The rich kids usually tease and hurt the poor kids from the fishing village that goes to this school. The poor kids and their parents hard to work long and hard in order for them to get into this school, but none of the rich kids seem to care for it. Even the teachers don't do anything about it. Its roomered that some of the rich kids are also many Yakuza heads' kids. Right now, the atmosphere of Kaizoku is changing slowly. Kaizoku High delinquent rates are slowly becoming larger. The poor kids are starting to rebel a little. It won't be long before the poor kids and the rich kids form their own gangs and start a fight in order to control the whole school.


Kaizoku High School looks like any other prestigious schools. Its big and large and it got trees growing in school compounds.

Students and StaffEdit


Name Occupation Power
Shima Namakiri School Nurse
Rebecca Ekihebi Head Chef Demon


Name Rich/Poor Gang
Adam Namakiri Poor None
Victoria Ekihebi Rich The Four Horsemen
Ken Hebereke Poor Hebereke Group