Kyobona Namakiri
Name Kyobona Namakiri


Race Human
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Unknown
Hair Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Buisness Man
Relatives Adam Namakiri (Younger Brother)

Shima Namakiri (Daughter)

Kyobona Namakiri (凶暴な波霧, Namakiri Kyobona) is Adam Namakiri's older brother and Shima Namakiri's father. Not much is known about him aside that he is a rick buisness man unlike his brother and is the one who destroyed Kazuma High by himself yet it is unknown how.


Even though Kyobona has yet to make an official apearance. It can be guest he dresses much fancier than Adam because of him being rick and because he is Adam's older brother as well as having a daughter who is 23 while Adam is 16 it can be guest that Kyobona is much older and taller than Adam and Shima.


Kyobona's personality is currently unknown, yet he can be guest to be a jerk because of him not giving any money to Adam who is much younger than him and is extremely poor.


Kyobona's abilities are currently unknown yet he can be considered very powerful since he was the one to destroy Kazuma High entirely on his own.


  • Kyobona is actually written Kyōbōna which is literally translated to "Berserk" which can be a reference to Kyobona's abilities