Name Rasi
Race Demon
Birthday 26th November
Age 19
Gender Male
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair black
Affiliation Demon Lord's former Butler
Occupation San Marx Private Arst Academy

Rasi is a demon who worked Beel's Father,Demon Lord as a former butler. However,He is the killed Beel's Mother,Irs for making pity to him and he dislike Demon lord as he respected him. He quit it on his own and nobody know where he is. And he is in the real world,somewhere else.


Black curly short hair,brown eyes and dark skin. He had a scar on his forehead. He have beard on his chins and mouth.

As a former burtler,He wore black suit,black tie,black jean,black boots and no beards because he is young demon.


Rasi has a a calm and collected personality, he is also shown to be quite serious about schooling as he is seen studying for an exam much to Hilda's amusement. manner,


Long ago, He was a homeless demon who have no partents and Demon Lord found him. He was a former butler as a demon and worked under Lord Demon and Mrs Irs. Demon Lord was who promoted Rasi as a burtler for him because he seems an interesting guy. Mrs Irs brought Rasi to meet Hilda and her sisters,Yolda.


Rasi made a move,on his own to meet Oda and Hilda.
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Rasi made a move


(Demon Lord) "Lord....Why are you making so stupid excuses....? What happened to you....? Do you change than thoese few years as I served you..? I see now...I guess I have no choice,but I will quit from serving you,Lord."

(Hilda) You remember Mrs Irs? It was me.....I'm saying that I'm one who killed her with my very hands!"

(Beel" How foolish...To think that Father sent you of making contract of that man...How dumb is he? You are still a baby,but you have some pretty powers with Oga guy,eh?...Sorry,Beel,I think I'll kidnap you."

(Yolda) "Oho...Hiya,Yolda. Been long times,how ya doing? You grown up a lot. Miss me?"

(Oga) "....So you are him...Seriously...You sure are reckless man...Fine I guess I have fight you,but I don't hold back."

(Tojo) "Oho,You sure are brute man that fought all demons,right?..."