Victoria Ekihebi
Name Victoria Ekihebi

ビクトリア 駅ヘビ

Race Human
Birthday 6/3
Age 16
Gender Female
Height 5"7
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Affiliation Kaizoku High School
Occupation High School Student at Kaizoku High School
Relatives Rebecca Ekihebi


Victoria Ekihebi (ビクトリア 駅ヘビ, Bikutoria Ekihebi) is an very attractive and powerful girl. She used to go to a very dangerous middle school with all boys, she left leaving everyone on the ground bloodily. Since she graduated she is now a junior student in Kaizoku High School and is known as one of its very best fighters.

She is has a "sister" called Rebecca Ekihebi who is a demon, they are not actually related but Rebecca was adopted by Victoria's parents.


Victoria is a blonde girl with blue eyes. She is tall and stands straight all the time. She has a very well built body even though it doesn't show. She wears a large amount of dark clothes, and on rare occasions light clothes.


Victoria is a very flashy girl. She is also very popular with the rich kids at Kaizoku High. She is very attentive and is easy to anger. She sometimes falls asleep, and if anybody touches her she will cut them in half. She likes fighting a lot and tries to fight when she can. She is rather a merciless and sly opponent. She can be rather scary to some people who anger her.

Victoria likes some guys and is very shy around them, otherwise she crushes all that are in her way. She usually begins to blush and become very shy around boys she likes.


Physical ProwessEdit

She is rather fast and uses a black wooden sword. She also knows jujitsu, boxing, kickboxing, karate, and tae kwon do. She is a rather dirty fighter and uses many tricks.

She can run insanely fast and she is very strong. She is part of the track team and the boxing team, and captain of both.


She sharpens her sword to perfection everyday, and she always carries her tazer and wear gauntlets.